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Katrin Korfmann (Berlin) “Ariel Images”

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love mac demarco 

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Vincent van Gogh - Skull with a Burning Cigarette, 1885-86. Oil on canvas

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u finally make enough money to have a black car pick u up from the airport, but the guys always put the sign down when they see u cause they know it can’t be u. then u walk up to them and say “im donald” and they go “…oh”.

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Sometimes we need to stop and say “Thank you for loving me.”
It is such a simple thing to say yet it carries so much weight, whether it is with a spouse while you both read your books or it’s with a friend who has been with you through thick and thin or it is to a family member who has loved you from the start.
Those words, that thought, the action of saying it to them with purpose and truth can mean the world to them. Because after all, they mean enough for you to say “Thank you for loving me.”

T.B. LaBerge



a message i never thought i’d have to send

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Vincent van Gogh, Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette (1886) / Vampire Weekend, Diplomat’s Son (2010)

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"Those are $2 bills for good luck, New York. Good night."

(During the end of Vampire Weekend’s set at Governors Ball, Ezra threw $2 bills into the crowd and ran between the barricades high-fiving people in the audience - photos via @SIRIUSXM and @FuckingDamian)

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the devil and god are shredding inside me 

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Confident pug ready to enter the ocean (with a lifejacket)

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